Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To The People Of Kufah At The Time Of His March From Medina To Basrah

From the servant of Allah, Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, to the people of Kufah who are the foremost among the supporters and the chiefs of the Arabs.
I am reminding you of what happened to `Othman so that its memory may be like seeing its events. People criticized him, and I was the only man from among the Muhajiran (immigrants) to ask him to make it his pursuit to please (the Muslims) the most and to offend them the very least. As for Talhah and az-Zubayr, their lightest step about him was hard, and their softest voice was strong. `A’isha, too, was angry with him. Consequently, a group overpowered him and killed him. Then, people swore allegiance to me, not by force or compulsion, but obediently and out of their free will.
You should know that Medina has been vacated by its residents who have abandoned it. It is boiling like a huge cauldron and rebellion is fixed on its axis, moving with full force. So, hasten towards your Amir (commander) and proceed forward to fight your enemy, if Allah, to Whom Might and Majesty belong, so wills.

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